Match Week 19

May 6th

LESDL Decathlon:

10 events, multiple chances to win

LESDL Decathlon, 2nd Oct 2019



Winner (£80): Richard Turgoose "Goose"

Runner Up (£40): Tony Booth

Individual Event Winners (£10):

Event 1: Tony Booth

Event 2: Steve Treece

Event 3: Tony Booth & Mark Tedds

Event 4: Dave Emery

Event 5: Tony Booth

Event 6: Dave Emery & Daz Witham

Event 7: Richard Turgoose

Event 8: Scott Coxon

Event 9: Steve Hough & Mike Booth & Daz Witham

Event 10: Mike Booth & Barry Burke

Special Prize (£10)

Last Place: "The Captain" Luke Pritchett

LESDL Decathlon

Rules of Play


1. Players will play on their board and in order of the draw.

2. Players missing their turn will forfeit that event only.

3. Only 3 darts practice prior to each event.

Event 1: 15 Dart Starter,

Player to throw 5 times (15 Darts), score as high as possible

Maximum 900 Points

Event 2: Greens R Good,

Player to throw 5 times (15 Darts), hit as many greens as possible

Same green cannot be hit in any 3 dart throw, 50 Points / Green

Maximum 750 Points

Event 3: 170 Max Out,

170 Out Shot, Max 30 Darts, 170 Points Scored for 9 Darts

+20 for every dart below, -20 for every dart above

Maximum 290 Points

Minimum -250 Points

Event 4: Shanghai,

Player to throw 3 Darts at Numbers 1,3,5,7,9 in that order

Target to hit shanghai, (in Any Order), 10 points for single, 20 Double, 30 Treble, 50 point bonus for shanghai

Maximum 550 Points

Event 5: Bulls and 25’s,

Player to throw 5 times (15 Darts), hit as many bulls or 25's

Score as many points as possible

Maximum 750 Points

Event 6: Four Corners,

Player to throw 3 darts at each double, 3, 6,11 & 20 in sequence

Hit as many doubles as possible, 20 points / double

Maximum 240 Points

Event 7: Golf,

Player Throws 3 Darts at each number, 1-18, Single = 1, Double =2, Treble = 3, front 9 to be played by all player followed by back 9

Par per Hole = 3, +20 points per extra point hit, - 20 points per point below.

Maximum 2160 Points


Event 8: 21 Darts at 21 Doubles,

Player to throw 1 dart at each double, 1 to 20 then Bull, in that order

20 Points per double hit

Maximum 420 Points

Event 9: 21 Darts at 21 Small Singles,

Player to throw 1 dart at each small segment, 1 to 20 then 25, in that order

20 Points per small segment hit

Maximum 420 Points

Event 10: Snooker,

· Score as big a break as possible.

· First 3 darts are to hit a red, if red is hit then your break is immediately underway, If not, the break ends.

· Hit a red, then any colour, then red, then any colour, etc etc. until the end or a miss is made.

· Any colour may be hit after a red. When the final red is hit, any colour may be hit, then the colours must be hit in the order of, Yellow, Green, Brown, Blue, Pink and finally the Black.

· When a red is hit during a break it will be marked so it may not be hit again. If this happens then the break is finished.

· 5 points awarded for each point scored in snooker.

Maximum 735 Points



The LESDL Decathlon Instructions (docx)


Decathlon Blank Score Sheet (xlsx)


Decathlon2019_PrintOutVersion (pdf)